How we work

The creative process


Animal Actors

A Little About Us

Our animals have worked in countries such as Portugal, Italy, France, the Czech Republic and Greece.

Our production team is specialized in script assessments as well as planning for the shoot in accordance with each animal’s requirements.

We can organize and carry out any project involving an animal, whether it be a caterpillar from Brazil or a rhinoceros from Africa.

Our specialists carefully study the storyboard down to the last detail, in order to choose the most suitable animal to undertake the scenes to be shot.

During your PPM, we will advise you from a technical point of view in order to coordinate the different stages of working with the animal, from planning during pre-production through to preparation of the scene to be shot – and always employing the necessary backup to obtain the best results.

Our team can provide an  estimate in less than two hours with graphic material (JPEGS, MPEGS, QUICKTIME) for you to show your client.

Apprasing the idea

Our production team will look at your storyboard or script in order to select the most suitable type of animal for the job. Our coordinators  then sit down with the director’s team to analyse each shot and the different solutions possible.

Training & Practice

Our trainers are highly qualified and prepare each animal’s performance under the supervision of the corresponding coordinator. We send audiovisual material of each stage of training so that we can supervise the process correctly and make new suggestions to improve the end result.

The Logistics

Our team of vets oversee the animal’s state of health before they are transported to set. We take full responsibility for acquiring all the necessary permits for travel with our animals throughout Spain as well as Europe. Our specialists supervise the set and will design, if required, the zones where the animals are to be kept as well as any props necessary in order to shoot with them.

The Shoot

Our approach is to take care of everything regarding the animal in question so that you do not have to worry about anything. Our team – consisting of coordinator and trainers – carry out the scene that has been prepared, trained and practised previously at our installations.

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